In-Utero Arsenic Exposure

Regression analysis of epidemiology research data.

The focus of this study was determining whether there is a relationship between in-utero arsenic exposure for fetuses and later development of allergies in early childhood. To determine whether such a relationship existed, it was necessary to look at the correlation of different types of arsenic exposure with each child's levels of many different immune cell markers associated with allergies. To fit reasonable models and understand confounding variables, it was also necessary to understand the relationship between immune cell markers themselves, which was made easier through a visual correlation matrix. A significant relationship was found, and I was a co-author on a poster that was presented on this research at the Endocrine Society's PPTOX IV conference.

A correlation matrix displaying the p-values and correlation coefficients between many different variables (labels omitted for confidentiality reasons). The plot is organized based on strength of correlation.